Find us at: Lenox Hill Cannabis Co.; 334 E. 73rd St, NYC 10021

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Finest Quality Cannabis

Lenox Hill Cannabis Co offers legal access to lab-tested cannabis flower and products from NYS farmers and processors for Upper East Side residents. Founded by Michael Graubard, Dominick Cuffaro and Wei Hu, LHCC believes cannabis is consumed across all ethnic, social and economic strata, and that even medical professionals find great healing value from this plant. 

So, they decided to locate LHCC in one of the densest and highest-educated neighborhoods in the world, with over a dozen world-class teaching and specialty hospitals in walking distance.  LHCC firmly believes in advancing knowledge and wisdom of the cannabis plant, and advocates for comprehensive cannabis legal reform through expungement of prior convictions and federal rescheduling. 

We here at LHCC seek to destigmatize and normalize the consumption of cannabis for wellness, spiritual growth, increased consciousness of oneself and others, joy, creativity, fostering community and human connections, increased and prolonged patience, reflection, inner peace, focusing on the best qualities of others, inspiration, love, adventure, empowerment, connection, self-esteem, exercising, muscle relief, health, forgiveness, acceptance, celebration, mourning, calmness, discovery, lightness, appetite, heartbreak, loss, new beginnings, kinship, finding closure, and a million other reasons… 

Humans have cultivated and consumed cannabis for millenia, across all cultures and races, and now with legalization, we seek to reintroduce cannabis into our culture and society responsibly and promote the education and access to this plant.

Our Vision

Promote the benefits of cannabis use for wellness and community while advocating for comprehensive legal reforms.

Our Mission

Provide Upper East Side residents with safe, lab-tested cannabis products and foster a deeper understanding and acceptance of cannabis in our society.

Our Process

Partner with NYS farmers and processors to offer high-quality cannabis, ensuring access, education, and normalization through responsible practices.